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Concrete Repair Specialists

Find the best concrete repair solutions that will last you a lifetime in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, and the surrounding areas!

Diagnosing Your Problem

How To Know If You Need a

Concrete Repair Specialist

Does Your Home Have Any of The Following:
  • Sunken Concrete Slabs

  • Pooling Water

  • Large Concrete Cracks

  • Chipping or Flaking

  • Discoloration

  • Concrete Expansion Joint Issues

  • Rough Texture

  • Loose or Crumbling Edges

CN_RES_CR_Sidewal-Crack-05.jpg (1).jpg
If so, you may need to speak with a concrete repair professional. Get in touch with one of our concrete repair specialists to receive a free consultation so we can diagnose your problem and find you a solution.
Concrete Repair Process

The Concrete Repair Process

Read More About Our Process Below...


Why Foam Injection?



Polyurethane foam, injected through small holes, rapidly expands in sub-soils to fill voids under structures. It compacts loose soils, increasing load-bearing capacity, and stabilizes concrete for immediate use. Ideal for homes, pool decks, and driveways.

100% Hydro-Sensitive

Our foam is hydro-insensitive, forming high-quality foam even in wet conditions. This ensures effectiveness during injection, reaction, and curing phases, avoiding issues like chemical dissolution in water, which can occur with hydro-sensitive foams.

100% Eco-Friendly

APD's foams are eco-friendly, containing 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. Tailored for various applications, we use only top-quality, 100% USA-made materials, balancing efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Learn About Foam Injecton

Our Simple 3-Step Process



Drill It

Our expert team begins with precision drilling, creating minimal, dime-sized holes. This step is crucial for effective foam injection, ensuring a clean and targeted approach with minimal impact on your property. It's the first step towards a solid, stable foundation!


Pump It

Next, we pump our specially formulated polyurethane foam into the drilled holes. This foam expands rapidly, filling voids and stabilizing the underlying soil. Watch as our innovative solution brings strength and durability right where it's needed most!


Patch It

The final touch in our process is patching the drilled holes. We meticulously match the existing surface, leaving no trace of the intervention. Your property not only gains stability but also maintains its aesthetic appeal. It's a smooth, swift return to normalcy!


The Pros of

Polyurethane Injection



Something about month-to-month

Polyurethane injection saves money, offering an affordable solution to prevent costly future repairs. It's a smart, cost-saving choice for property maintenance.

Quick Cure Time

Enjoy rapid results with polyurethane's quick cure time. Minimal disruption, quick turnaround, perfect for urgent and routine repairs alike.


Polyurethane resists water efficiently, making polyurethane ideal for moisture-prone areas. Its hydrophobic nature ensures durable, long-term repairs.


Polyurethane foam is light yet strong, providing stability without extra stress on structures. Ideal for maintaining the integrity of your foundation.

5/8" Injection Holes

Small 5/8" holes mean less invasive repairs. Efficient and discreet, they maintain your property’s appearance while ensuring structural stability.

Foam Features

Strong, flexible, and versatile, polyurethane foam adapts to various conditions, offering a reliable solution for diverse repair needs.


Applications of Polyurethane Injection


From cracks in the sidewalk to splits in your pool deck, polyurethane injection is a great solution to level out your concrete and prevent it from getting worse or causing unwanted hazards.

Pool Deck Repair.webp

Pool Decks

Revitalize your pool area! Our polyurethane injection stabilizes and levels pool decks, ensuring a safe, even surface for endless summer fun. Dive into a worry-free pool season!



Step up your walkways! We provide a quick fix for uneven sidewalks, enhancing safety and curb appeal. Walk with pride on a perfectly aligned path.

Concrete Slab Repair.jpg

Concrete Slabs

Strengthen your foundation with ease. Our service fortifies concrete slabs, preventing cracks and sagging. Enjoy a solid, durable base for all your activities.

Concrete Void Repair.jpg

Filling Voids

Seal the unseen gaps! Our injection technique effectively fills voids, preventing future sinking and tilting. Secure your property’s stability from the ground up.

Driveway Repair.jpeg


Smooth out your drive! Our polyurethane injection repairs and levels driveways, offering a stable, crack-free surface for your vehicles. Drive with confidence!

APD Vehicle.webp

Outdoor Patios

Upgrade your outdoor space! Our service revitalizes patios, ensuring they are level and stable for your relaxation and entertainment. Transform your patio into a haven!

Who We Service
House with a Pool

APD Serves


Damage Evaluation

Florida's intense sun, unpredictable weather, and diverse terrain can be tough on concrete surfaces. Our concrete repair specialists, seasoned with Florida's unique challenges, commence the process by meticulously evaluating the damage. From analyzing cracks caused by our state's shifting sands to spotting wear due to the Gulf Coast's saline air, we leave no stone unturned.

Comprehensive Quote

Understanding Florida's specific concrete woes, we provide a clear, detailed quote that encapsulates the true essence of concrete repair in the Sunshine State. Accounting for Florida's humidity, saltwater exposure, and unique soil composition, our quotes stand transparent, giving homeowners a clear view of the repair journey.


Beginning the Project

Concrete repair in Florida is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Employing state-of-the-art techniques tailored for Florida's unique challenges, our dedicated team embarks on the repair journey. Whether it's restoring a sunken driveway in Miami or mending a cracked sidewalk in Tampa, we're equipped with the best Florida-suited solutions.

Quality Assurance

Florida's unique environment demands specialized concrete solutions. Once the repair is almost done, our rigorous Quality Assurance checks ensure the work stands the test of time. Furthermore, we extend valuable insights to our Florida clientele about concrete longevity in our beautiful but occasionally harsh state.


And You're Done!

That was the last step, and now your concrete is fully repaired! Sit back, relax and don't stress about it ever again! You're fully covered by our LIFETIME transferrable warranty, so if there's ever any problems, we'll be there to straighten them out.

Concrete Repair Average Timeline

Day 1 (Estimate)

Day 2-6 (Prep & Job)

Day 7 (Final Inspection)

Day 1 is all about understanding the extent of concrete damage. Using specialized equipment perfect for Florida's environment, our team provides a comprehensive estimate by day's end, paving the way for a seamless repair process.

Starting Day 2, we focus on prepping the area, considering Florida's unique climate and material considerations. Days 3 to 6 are dedicated to the actual concrete repair process. Our methods are suited for Florida's conditions, ensuring each step is meticulously executed with regular updates.

The last day is reserved for a detailed inspection. We ensure the concrete work aligns with Florida's rigorous standards, review all repairs, provide tips tailored for Florida properties, and ensure your concrete is primed for durability in the Sunshine State.

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