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Foundation Repair Specialists

Find the best foundation repair solutions that will last you a lifetime in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, and the surrounding areas!

Diagosing Your Problem

How To Know If You Need a

Foundation Repair Specialist

Does Your Home Have Any of The Following:
  • Floor Cracks

  • Settlement Sinking

  • Sagging Crawl Space

  • Wall Cracks

  • Uneven Floors

  • Foundation Heave

  • Sticking Windows & Doors

  • Street Creep

If so, you may need to speak with a foundation repair professional. Get in touch with one of our foundation repair specialists to receive a free consultation so we can diagnose your problem and find you a solution.
Signs of a Bad Foundatin

Methods of Foundation Repair


Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.



Strengthen your foundation with our expert Underpinning services. Designed for buildings experiencing subsidence or structural weakness, our method extends the foundation depth or breadth, ensuring a more robust and stable base. Benefit from increased property safety and value, along with peace of mind, knowing your foundation is secure.


Helical Piers

Revitalize your foundation with our Helical Pier system. Ideal for both new and existing structures, this minimally invasive solution offers rapid installation with no wait time for concrete to cure. Experience enhanced structural support and soil stabilization, perfect for properties in unstable or weak soil conditions.


Grout Injection Piers

Elevate your property’s stability with Grout Injection Piers. Our technique effectively combats soil settlement issues, offering a strong, lasting foundation support. Quick and clean, this method ensures minimal disruption, making it a smart choice for urban and residential areas alike.


Compaction Grouting

Secure your foundation with our Compaction Grouting Piers. This powerful solution densifies loose soils, providing immediate stabilization and strength. Ideal for addressing sinking foundations, our method is fast, efficient, and tailored to your specific soil conditions for optimal results.


Chemical Grouting

Transform your foundation with our advanced Chemical Grouting Piers. This precise, targeted approach effectively addresses complex soil and water infiltration issues. Enjoy a durable, long-lasting solution that enhances the integrity and value of your property with minimal environmental impact.


Damage Evaluation

In the heart of Florida, where our climate and terrain present unique structural challenges, understanding the true extent of foundation damage is crucial. Our damage evaluation process begins with our specialists, who have years of experience in Florida's unique environment, thoroughly inspecting every nook and cranny of your property. This detailed assessment ensures we accurately diagnose the root cause, be it shifting soils, water intrusion, or expansive clays common in parts of the Sunshine State.

Comprehensive Quote

Once we've determined the extent of the damage and its causes, our team provides a comprehensive, transparent quote tailored for Florida homes and businesses. Our quotes factor in the unique challenges posed by Florida's humid climate and varied soil types. With no hidden fees or surprises, we ensure that our clients are equipped with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their Florida property's foundation repair.


Beginning the Project

Starting a foundation repair project in Florida requires a unique approach, given the state's specific environmental and geological conditions. Once you're ready to proceed, our dedicated Florida-based team swings into action, using state-of-the-art equipment and methods best suited for Florida's terrain. Whether it's addressing the impact of saltwater on coastal properties or stabilizing shifting soils inland, we approach every project with precision, care, and a deep understanding of Florida's landscape.

Quality Assurance

Florida's foundation repair demands nothing less than the best. Once our work is nearing completion, our Quality Assurance process kicks in. We conduct thorough checks to ensure all repairs meet our stringent standards, optimized for Florida's unique challenges. But it doesn't end there; we believe in building lasting relationships with our Florida clients. So, we offer follow-up services and expert advice on how to maintain the foundation integrity amidst Florida's unpredictable weather and soil conditions.


And You're Done!

That was the last step, and now your foundation is fully repaired! Sit back, relax and don't stress about it ever again! You're fully covered by our LIFETIME transferrable warranty, so if there's ever any problems, we'll be there to straighten them out.

Foundation Repair Average Timeline

Day 1 (Estimate)

Day 2-6 (Prep & Job)**

Day 7 (Final Inspection)

On Day 1 in sunny Florida, our specialists conduct an in-depth foundation assessment. With tools tailored for Florida's unique challenges, we provide a detailed estimate by day's end, setting clear expectations for the repair journey ahead.

From Day 2, preparation begins, with a focus on Florida's specific climatic and soil conditions. Days 3 to 6 see intensive repair work, tailored for Florida landscapes. We ensure precision, efficiency, and constant updates throughout.

On the final day, our team conducts a thorough inspection, ensuring repairs meet Florida's standards. We review every fix, offer maintenance advice for Florida homes, and ensure your foundation is set for longevity in the state's unique environment.

** Please Note: There is a standard four-day waiting period between Day 1 and Day 2 of our process. This time allows our team to complete essential engineering assessments and acquire the necessary permits for your foundation repair project.

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