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Floor Cracks


Finding cracks in your home's flooring can raise concerns. What do these cracks signify, and what causes them? Frequently, cracks in flooring indicate a problem with the foundation, requiring the skills of professionals.


With more than twenty years of experience aiding homeowners in Florida, APD Foundation Repair is your top option for pinpointing and addressing foundation issues. Discover the reasons behind flooring cracks and the correct steps to remedy them by reaching out to our experienced team.


Floor cracks are disruptions or separations that appear in the flooring of your home. These are often the result of foundation settlement, occurring when the foundation itself shifts or sinks into the soil. Unlike some more resilient materials, flooring can be susceptible to cracking under stress.


Signs of Drywall Cracks


What Causes Floor Cracks?


Floor cracks can emerge for several reasons:

✔ Sinking Foundation: Every building experiences natural settling as the ground beneath it compacts over time. However, irregular or excessive sinking due to changes in soil composition is likely to cause floor cracks.

✔ Structural Deficiencies: Compromised structural elements like deteriorated support beams or a fractured foundation can lead to movements within the foundation, resulting in floor cracks.

✔ Home Renovations: Major renovations or extensions, such as the addition of heavy features, might induce shifts in the foundation, leading to cracks in the flooring.

✔ Plumbing Issues: Leaks from underground pipes or other moisture-related challenges can weaken the soil support, destabilizing your foundation.

Overlooking floor cracks can undermine your property’s structural integrity and increase the likelihood of significant foundation issues.

Should I Fix Floor Cracks?


Yes, they can be repaired, but it necessitates a professional solution! While you might be able to temporarily fix floor cracks, this approach doesn't address the underlying foundation issues. The problem is likely to recur.


Instead of choosing a quick, temporary repair, addressing the foundational cause is essential. Here are your options:

  • Minor cracks can be filled and concealed, yet this remains a short-term solution if the root foundation issues are not addressed.

  • Larger cracks may necessitate the replacement of flooring sections, even after undertaking foundation repair efforts.

How To Fix Floor Cracks


Fixing drywall cracks is possible, but it demands an expert approach! While it's possible to temporarily mend drywall cracks yourself, such fixes won't address the deeper foundational problems, and the issue will reemerge.


Instead of settling for a stopgap solution, it's vital to confront the core issue. Here are your choices:

  • Minor cracks might be filled and then repainted, yet this serves as a temporary solution if the foundational problems are overlooked.

  • Larger cracks might necessitate the replacement of the drywall, even following the implementation of foundation repair strategies.

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