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Drainage Solution Specialists

Find the best drainage solutions that will last you a lifetime in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, and the surrounding areas!

Diagnosing Your Problem

How To Know If You Need a

Drainage Specialist

Does Your Home Have Any of The Following:
  • Water Pooling

  • Erosion in Garden Beds

  • Water Stains in Basement

  • Overflowing Gutters

  • Damp Spots on Walls

  • Mildew or Mold Smell

  • Cracking Pavements

  • Water Gushing from Downspouts

If so, you may need to speak with a drainage systems professional. Get in touch with one of our drainage specialists to receive a free consultation so we can diagnose your problem and find you a solution.
Learn About French Drains

How Does a French Drain Work?


French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through. Water runs into a gravel-filled trench, then into perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench.

Water travels freely through the pipe, which empties a safe distance from the house.

The trench bottom should be sloped about one inch for every eight feet in the direction you want water to flow. Depending on your situation, the water can be diverted to:


  • A Low-Lying Area of Your Property

  • A Drainage Ditch

  • A Dry Well

  • The Street

Jumping in Puddles
Drainage System Foundations

Drainage System Foundations


How To Know If I Need

A Drainage System


Wondering if you're in need of a drainage system? Here are 3 of the most common reasons people get drainage systems installed.

Surface Water

Efficient drainage is crucial if you notice pooling surface water around your property. Persistent water accumulation can lead to soil erosion and foundation damage over time. Implementing a drainage system helps divert water away, protecting your property's structural integrity.

Flooding Crawlspace

A consistently damp or flooding crawlspace is a clear sign that your property needs an effective drainage solution. Excess water can cause mold growth and structural issues. A well-designed drainage system can prevent water intrusion, keeping your crawlspace dry and safe.

Hillside Retaining Wall

If your property is on a slope or hillside, retaining walls can be vulnerable to water pressure build-up. Proper drainage systems are essential to relieve this pressure, preventing wall failure and soil erosion, thereby ensuring the longevity and stability of your hillside structures.

House with a Pool
Who We Service

APD Serves



Florida's torrential rains and water table fluctuations necessitate top-notch drainage systems. Our team, well-versed with Florida's unique drainage needs, starts by assessing your property's current drainage status, spotting areas of water pooling, and signs of erosion.

Comprehensive Quote

From Jacksonville's heavy downpours to Naples' tidal changes, Florida's drainage challenges are varied. After thorough evaluation, our team drafts a transparent, Florida-centric quote that covers every aspect of the drainage solution required.


Beginning the Project

Given Florida's unique topography and rainfall patterns, custom drainage solutions are pivotal. Once greenlit, our expert team initiates the installation using techniques and materials specifically designed for Florida's conditions, ensuring effective and long-lasting water management.

Quality Assurance

Florida's wetlands, coasts, and urban centers all come with distinct drainage needs. As we wrap up, our Quality Assurance process guarantees that our solutions address these requirements efficiently. Plus, our ongoing support ensures you're equipped to tackle Florida's rainiest days with confidence.


And You're Done!

That was the last step, and now your drainage system is ready to go! Sit back, relax and don't stress about it ever again! You're fully covered by our LIFETIME transferrable warranty, so if there's ever any problems, we'll be there to straighten them out.

Drainage Solution Average Timeline

Day 1 (Estimate)

Day 2-6 (Prep & Job)**

Day 7 (Final Inspection)

Under Florida's blue skies, our experts initiate a comprehensive drainage assessment. With tools and methods developed for Florida's unique drainage challenges, we provide a clear and precise estimate by day's end, setting the stage for the upcoming solution implementation.

From Day 2, our team starts with the preparation, emphasizing Florida's distinctive rainfall patterns and soil types. The next four days (Days 3 to 6) are all about executing the drainage solutions, optimized for Florida properties. Regular updates and efficient work are our trademarks.

On the seventh day, a complete inspection is carried out. We make sure that the drainage systems are up to Florida's demands, offer insights on maintenance in the state's specific conditions, and ensure your property's drainage system is built for longevity.

** Please Note: There is a standard four-day waiting period between Day 1 and Day 2 of our process. This time allows our team to complete essential engineering assessments and acquire the necessary permits for your foundation repair project.

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