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Florida home with cracks in driveway

Exterior Signs of
Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can undermine the structural integrity of your home, manifesting various indicators both internally and externally. Some symptoms might not be immediately evident; however, recognizing these signs early is crucial to prevent further, more severe damage down the line.


Shifting Soil

The primary reason behind foundation settlement is the movement of soils beneath the ground. Florida is home to a diverse range of soil types, most of which lead to foundation problems due to their tendency to expand and contract.


Fluctuating weather conditions trigger these soils to swell or shrink, leading to shifts and displacement. As the soils move, their ability to support the substantial weight of your house diminishes.


Consequently, this reduced support from the soil forces your foundation to sink deeper into the earth. This foundation settlement can manifest in various external symptoms on your home.


Understand the Signs of
Foundation Damage


Wall Cracks


Sticking Doors & Windows

uneven floors florida.png

Uneven Floors

mildew growth on wall Florida Foundation Repair.jpg

Mildew Growth

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