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Sticking Doors & Windows?

Sticking doors and windows can indicate underlying structural issues, potentially leading to more serious damage if not promptly addressed. At APD Foundation Repair, we expertly assess and repair these critical signs to prevent costly repairs and ensure the stability and functionality of your property. Read below to learn about the common causes of sticking doors and windows and effective solutions.


Common Causes of
Sticking Doors & Windows

Understanding the different causes of sticking doors & windows can help homeowners identify potential issues early and determine the right course of action for repair.

Foundation Settling

Repeated expansion and contraction of the wall materials due to temperature changes can cause fatigue, resulting in cracks over time.

Humidity & Mostuire

Excessive lateral pressure from heavy or saturated soil can overwhelm the wall, causing it to strain and crack.

Structural Shifts

Tree or shrub roots growing near or under the wall can push against the structure or grow into small fissures, widening them as they expand.


Want A Professional Opinion?

If you're concerned about the integrity of your retaining wall or foundation, contact us today to schedule a professional evaluation with our expert team at APD Foundation Repair.

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