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Mildew Growth On Walls? 

Mildew on walls can signal serious moisture issues, posing health risks and potential structural damage. At APD Foundation Repair, we assess and address these signs to ensure your property's health and longevity. Read below to learn about the causes of mildew growth and prevention strategies.

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Spotting Mildew Growth

Understanding the signs of mildew growth can help homeowners recognize early indicators of moisture issues and take appropriate measures to address them.


Common Causes ofMildew Growth

Understanding the different causes of retaining wall cracks can help homeowners identify potential issues early and determine the right course of action for repair.

Poor Ventilation

Limited airflow in confined spaces traps moisture, significantly increasing the likelihood of mildew formation on walls.

Excessive Humidity

High humidity levels in areas like bathrooms and kitchens create perfect conditions for mildew to develop and spread.

Lack of Sunlight

Dark and shadowy areas that receive little to no sunlight remain damp longer and are prone to mildew growth.

Water Leaks

Persistent moisture from plumbing, roof, or window leaks can saturate wall materials, fostering an ideal environment for mildew growth.


Condensation on cold surfaces in warmer rooms can accumulate over time, providing moisture that mildew needs to thrive.

Building Materials

Porous materials like wood and drywall absorb and retain moisture more readily, making them vulnerable to mildew infestation.


Want A Professional Opinion?

If you're concerned about the integrity of your retaining wall or foundation, contact us today to schedule a professional evaluation with our expert team at APD Foundation Repair.

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