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Tilted Chimney / Cracked Chimney

Foundation damage can undermine the structural integrity of your home, manifesting various indicators both internally and externally. Some symptoms might not be immediately evident; however, signs like a tilted or cracked chimney can indicate foundation damage which can cause serious & costly repairs if not promptly addressed.

Chimney and Sky

Signs of a Dangerous Tilted Chimney

Identifying a chimney that's leaning by mistake isn't always straightforward. If it's not immediately obvious by observation, look out for these indicators:

✔ Gaps between the house and chimney: Inspect the area where the chimney connects to the siding. A visible crack suggests the chimney is leaning. Temporary fixes like mortar, caulk, or insulation might conceal the issue but won't fix the underlying problem or stop it from worsening.


✔ Loose flashing: Examine where the chimney and roof meet for any detached strips of metal flashing, signaling soil settlement and potential attic water damage.


✔ Chimney position off-center: In cases where the chimney extends through the house, check in the attic to see if it's properly centered. A leaning chimney might press against one side of its frame.


✔ Crumbling mortar and bricks: If the mortar is deteriorating and bricks are falling out, it's a clear call for repair to address the chimney's lean.

Chimney and Sky

Why Is My Chimney Tilted?

Masonry chimneys are heavy, necessitating a solid concrete base for stability. Several factors can undermine the foundation, causing the chimney to lean, such as:


✔ Inadequate or absent footing: Stability issues may arise if the footing is under one-foot thick or doesn't extend six inches around the chimney. Sometimes, the footing might be completely missing, leading to a lean.


✔ Soil movement: The concrete can crack or break if the ground underneath shifts, caused by anything from weather extremes to natural erosion or soil composition changes.


✔ Compromised soil quality: Soil that either expands significantly or is simply backfill may not support a chimney's weight over time.


✔ Improper drainage: Without adequate ground sloping away from the house, rainwater doesn't drain correctly, putting excessive pressure on the chimney's base.


✔ Flawed footing construction: Footings that are too shallow, made of subpar concrete, or lack proper reinforcement are more susceptible to damage from freezing and thawing cycles.

House with Chimney

What To Do About A Tilted Chimney

Noticing a tilt in your chimney can be concerning. It often indicates underlying issues that could pose risks to your home's structural integrity and safety. Instead of attempting to assess the situation yourself, it's crucial to involve specialists who can accurately diagnose and address the problem. Here’s what you should do if you encounter a tilted chimney:


1. Contact APD Foundation Repair Specialists

At the first sign of a tilted chimney, reach out to APD Foundation Repair. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to conduct comprehensive evaluations of your chimney and foundation. A specialist will visit your home to perform a detailed assessment, ensuring that the root cause of the tilt is identified.


2. Understand the Importance of Professional Evaluation

A tilted chimney could result from various factors, including foundation settlement, soil issues, or inadequate construction. APD’s specialists use precise tools and have the expertise to uncover the exact cause of the tilt, which is essential for effective, long-lasting repairs.


3. Explore Repair Options

Based on the assessment, our team will present you with the most effective repair strategies tailored to your specific situation. Solutions may involve stabilizing the foundation, correcting soil problems, improving drainage, or, if necessary, reconstructing parts of the chimney. We’re committed to offering solutions that not only fix the tilt but also address the underlying cause.


4. Implement Preventative Measures

After the repair work is completed, APD Foundation Repair will advise on how to maintain the chimney and foundation to prevent future problems. This could include recommendations on property drainage, routine maintenance checks, and early detection of potential issues.


5. Schedule Regular Inspections

Maintaining the health of your chimney and foundation is an ongoing process. APD Foundation Repair offers regular inspection services to ensure that any new or recurring issues are addressed promptly, safeguarding your home's safety and value.


Why Choose APD?

We're the nature coast's #1 trusted foundation experts for a reason. Here's why thousands trust APD to get their foundation back to perfect!

Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

With our lifetime transferrable warranty you can sit back worry-free knowing you're covered.

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Benefit from interest-free payments for up to 18 months when you choose our foundation repair services. Terms and conditions apply.

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Our job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied with the foundation repair we've carried out.

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We aren't just experts in foundation repair, but we also have a deep understanding of the unique foundation challenges and needs of the nature coast.

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Get a quick, no-obligation estimate for your foundation repair needs, tailored to the specific conditions of the nature coast.

Advanced Repair Techniques

Using cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we ensure that your foundation repair is effective and long-lasting.

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