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Hi, I'm TC!

Underpinning Foreman

TC is the Foreman of our Underpinning Crew at APD, a role he has excelled in since joining our team in February 2019. With an extensive background spanning over 18 years in the foundation industry, TC has mastered both the practical and administrative aspects of foundation work. His responsibilities at APD involve overseeing the underpinning projects, ensuring that all operations meet our high standards of quality and safety. TC's leadership is pivotal in maintaining workflow efficiency and fostering professional growth among his team members. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the seamless execution of projects and the high level of customer satisfaction reported.


A Little About Me


I was born and raised in Hernando County, the son of successful educators and entrepreneurs who taught me the value of hard work and dedication from a very young age. My journey took a formative turn when I served as a U.S. Army War Veteran. This experience instilled in me a robust set of morals, principles, and work ethics, which have been crucial in my professional life. These values allow me to make those around me feel at ease, fostering effective teamwork and ensuring clear understanding of the tasks at hand.


Outside of work, I am deeply committed to community involvement and cherish spending quality time with my family. This connection to my roots and personal values is something I hold dear. My ability to connect with people on multiple levels has not only earned me a stellar reputation but has also facilitated strategic alliances with peers across the industry. I pride myself on being not just a leader at APD but also a respected member of the broader community.



Need to get in touch with me? I'm a call or email away!


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