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Hi, I'm TK!

Underpinning Team

TK joined the APD team recently and has quickly proven to be an extremely valuable asset. Despite being with us for just a year, his contributions have had a substantial impact, enhancing our team's effectiveness and the quality of our projects.

TK's quick adaptation and his strong commitment to excellence have not only impressed his colleagues but also positively influenced the overall productivity of our operations. His proactive approach and eagerness to learn have made him an indispensable member of the team.


A Little About Me


From a young age, I've always been driven by a challenge and motivated by the need to make meaningful contributions. This drive led me to pursue a career where I can apply my skills in a hands-on environment and see the tangible results of my efforts.

At APD, I'm known for my reliability and innovative approach to problem-solving. My aim is not just to meet the expectations set before me but to exceed them, ensuring that every project I touch delivers optimal results for our clients and our community.
As a foreman, my primary goal is always customer satisfaction, which I achieve by maintaining a clean and damage-free job site. My commitment to excellence and leadership is evident in the seamless execution of projects and the high level of satisfaction reported by our clients.

Outside of work, I remain deeply committed to community involvement and cherish spending quality time with my family. These personal values reinforce my professional life, allowing me to connect with people on multiple levels and continue to build my reputation not just as a leader at APD, but also as a respected member of the broader community.



Need to get in touch with me? I'm a call or email away!


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