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Why Are My
Floors Sagging?


Diagnose & Fix Your Sagging Floors Today

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Signs of a Sagging Floor


Addressing cracks, uneven surfaces, and other damages on the pool deck promptly is essential for several reasons. Here's why you might want to keep an eye on the cracks in your concrete.

Uneven or Slanting Floors

In extreme cases, you might notice your floors sagging by simply observing them from an angle. If your floors appear uneven, with noticeable slopes, bulges, or tilts, it is essential to reach out to a structural engineer for a prompt inspection. Significant sloping often signals underlying foundation issues, so it’s crucial to engage a professional and begin repairs immediately.


Separation Between Floors and Walls

A subtler sign of sagging floors is the appearance of gaps between the floor and the baseboards. This can occur when a sagging floor pulls away from the walls, creating a visible separation at the room's corners. Although this sign is less obvious than visibly sagging floors, it still indicates serious structural problems that need immediate attention and repair.


Springy or Noisy Floors

Even if you don’t see any visible signs of sagging, you might feel a slight bounce when walking across your floors. This springiness is a common indicator of sagging floors, even if it’s hard to notice at first. If your floors seem more flexible or bouncy than before, it’s prudent to consult a foundation inspector or repair contractor.


You might also hear squeaking sounds from your floors, which can vary depending on the type of flooring. While new floors rarely squeak, aging floors might, especially if there is significant underlying damage. This is particularly true for non-wood floors, where the squeaking could be due to joist movement. Pay attention to any unusual sounds if you have laminate, carpet, or vinyl floors.


Difficulty Opening Doors or Windows

While more commonly associated with bowing walls, foundation problems can also make doors and windows harder to open due to the additional strain from sagging floors. If you find your doors and windows sticking, it could be due to structural issues.


Check for other signs of sagging floors if you notice this problem. However, if sticking is the only issue, it might result from seasonal weather changes causing the frames to expand or warp, rather than a major structural concern with your foundation or floor joists.

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Is a Sagging Floor a
Serious Problem?

The truth is, there's no way to tell if your sagging floor is a serious problem without first diagnosing the underlying issue, but there is a way to distinguish if you should be getting it inspected.

Building codes typically specify how much floor sag is permissible before it is deemed problematic. The allowable sag is often defined as a fraction of the floor joist's length, usually 1/360 of the room's width. This degree of sag is so minimal that it is not visible to the naked eye and cannot be measured with standard household tools.

Therefore, if you can visually detect your floor sagging, it has already exceeded the acceptable limit according to building standards.


Common Causes of A Sagging Floor


Understanding the different signs & symptoms of uneven floors can help homeowners identify potential issues early and determine the right course of action for repair.

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How Do You Fix
Sagging Floors?

Fixing sagging floors involves different approaches depending on the root cause. If the sagging is due to foundation problems, extensive repairs may be necessary, potentially costing anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. These repairs often involve significant work to stabilize the foundation.


On the other hand, sagging caused by decaying floor joists requires a different type of repair. Joists can deteriorate due to water damage, termites, or natural disasters. The typical solution is to replace the damaged joist entirely. This process involves using temporary hydraulic jacks to lift and stabilize the foundation while the joist is replaced.


One common and cost-effective method for repairing a damaged floor joist is called "sistering." This technique involves attaching a new beam alongside the existing, damaged one, reinforcing it. Sistering is relatively straightforward and provides long-lasting results, often comparable to installing a new joist.

Sagging floors usually indicate serious structural issues that require professional intervention. While it might be tempting to undertake these repairs yourself to save money, it is not advisable. Repairing sagging floors safely and effectively often requires specialized equipment, such as house jacks and excavators, which most homeowners do not have.

Given the complexity and potential risks, it is best to hire a structural engineer to diagnose the underlying issue. The engineer's assessment can then be used by a professional repair company to execute the necessary structural repairs. Engaging professionals ensures the repairs are done correctly and safely, ultimately providing peace of mind and protecting your home's structural integrity.


Sagging Floor Repair Timeline


Repairing uneven floors involves various factors that determine the duration, including the extent of the damage, the type of foundation, and the specific repair methods required. The severity of the damage is also especially key in determining a timeline for your project. The time needed for repairs increases with the severity of the damage. For instance, extensive foundation issues leading to sagging floors might require several days of work to properly address.

Concrete Slab Foundations

These repairs can be the most time-consuming due to the difficulty in accessing the underside of the home. Fixing sinking floors in slab foundations often involves underpinning, which may take up to a week.


Crawlspaces and Basements

Repairs in these areas tend to be quicker due to easier access. Depending on the damage's extent, you might expect work to take from one to several days, possibly extending up to a week if excavation is required.


Average Repair Timeline

The timeline for repairing sagging floors varies widely, but here is is our system using the 3 M's to get yourself a general estimate based on different scenarios:

Minor Repairs

1-2 Days

Minor issues in accessible areas, such as small crawlspace adjustments or minor joist repairs.

Moderate Repairs

3-5 Days

More substantial work, including moderate foundation stabilization or multiple joist replacements in crawlspaces or basements.

Major Repairs

1 Week+

Extensive foundation repairs, particularly for slab foundations, which require underpinning or significant structural adjustments.


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